Megan Tower


I love seeing what different people with different backgrounds come up with as solutions to design problems. I love that every day as a designer is completely different; you'll never have the same day twice. I like all the nit-picky little details: this color is just a touch off, this padding is two pixels different than the others, etc, etc. I love the moment when everything just clicks and the idea you've been waiting for comes out of absolutely nowhere. I love being a designer. I love everything about it.

(Did I mention that I do copy editing on top of this? If you're looking to kill two birds next time, think of me, okay? Let's put those three years of being Ferris State University's Arts and Entertainment Editor to good use, yah?)

Okay, but I do have interests other than design. Like dancing and singing at the top of my lungs, Coke Zero, shoes, homemade cookies, propping my feet up, loft apartments, mob movies, peach scents, microbrew beers, and laughing until it hurts to breathe.

And I am a Trekkie. Proud to be one.